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Hi there!

Welcome to my little page here on Github. Here you'll find writeups for retired Hack the Box machines as well as the occasional TryHackMe room. I'm also an active part of the communities at HTB/THM, under the same alias. If you find anything on here useful, feel free to drop myself (or my team: TargetRoot) respect - it's much appreciated :) My HTB profile, along with a button to follow me on Twitter, are linked below.

Many thanks for stopping by!

Newest HTB Writeup:

OpenAdmin [Easy] - Linux

OpenAdmin was a quick and easy Linux box that uses a common CVE for an application called ONA to get us intial access to the box. From there, we hop between 2 user through some enumeration before exploiting a sudo command to get root. Read on to find out how I did this!

Blog Latest:

New Website Stuffs!

I thought it may about time I posted something given the fact that the site hasn’t been added to or updated in the last year or so. Welp, it’s time for an update!

Happy New Year

Happy belated new year! I’m currently doing some more work on this after an extended break to handle IRL stuffs! Namely certs and the like; the plan is to now try and flesh this out beyond what currently exists, making the site more streamlined etc.